50 Greatest X-Men Stories on CBR

X-Men by John Byrne, digitally inked & colored by yours truly

X-Men by John Byrne, digitally inked & colored by yours truly


   Over on CBR they have the 50 greatest X-Men Stories of all time. It is a great list and as an X-Men fan from way back in the 70’s there are some that I agree with and others that I don’t. No two Geeks can agree on all geek things. May favorite x tale of all time, not counting just about every issue of John Byrne’s run on the title, has to be Jim Lee’s and Chris Claremont’s issue number 268. This issue recounts Logan’s first meeting with Steve Rogers in the Summer of 1941, shortly after he became a Super Soldier. It also features a little girl named Natasha, who became the Black Widow. She was amazingly preserved for age, even at that time. This was a pre-Weapon X Logan and the story contained a ton of Hand Ninja. As far as an early 90’s book went, it was great.

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