The One Thing I want from Comic-Con…


   This is a 6-inch Boba Fett action figure from the new Star Wars Black Series. He comes with two weapons,  jet pack AND Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. Hasbro is supposed to be offering these for a limited time on their website after the event ends so I hope that I can get one for under $50.00!

Update: 0917 hrs 18.July.2013

   Check out some of the offers already up on eBay for these. I didn’t pay any attention to the “pre-release” bidding over the last few months. I’ll only pre-order stuff from an actual store that will guarantee that it will have the items in stock.

My Newest Kenner Star Wars Acquisition!

Star Wars Kenner (one BSG Starbuck too)

   Here are my new, vintage, Kenner Star Wars action figures lot. All in really nice condition but no weapons. I do have some extra weapons for some of them though. The figures with the cloth and plastic accouterments blew me away when I first saw them I did NOT expect them all to be in that awesome of condition! I believe I am going to keep Admiral Ackbar. I can still remember sending the blue & white General Mills proof of purchases away and receiving him by post. Great times. The extra Starbuck, from Battlestar Galactica is a bonus figure and since I’ve already sold my last one, this one will be easy to replace.

   The case they came in is in pretty good condition but I already have two, or three, more of the same version as it is. I’ll be posting these guys this month on Etsy and maybe a few will go into an Ebay lot I am building. The Gamorean Guard is wanting to stay with me too, we’ll see 😉

My latest find, Jabba


I picked this one up a few days ago. The original Kenner Jabba the Hutt play set! This was a sweet deal and is only missing one small part that belongs on the hookah  Once I find that I’ll be posting it up for sale. Until then, it shall remain on my collection shelf to be appreciated by me 🙂



Vintage Star Wars Collector Resource: The Imperial Gunnery

The Imperial Gunnery

   If you have any questions about vintage weapons from the Star Wars Kenner line then The Imperial Gunnery is the place for you. I have been seeing so many weapon variants on the market lately that I decided to educated myself on the “ins and outs” of  the old Kenner line. This site has all the information you could possibly wish for and then some. The site is designed well and very easy to navigate. You don’t even need to utilize the search tool since the categories are so well though out you can get everything you need at a glance. With all of the variants out there you need to be on top of all the information that you can possible get your eyes on. As soon as I publish this article I’ll be joining the site.

Update: Fixed the lack of link to the site (