Batman 1989


   Being what I consider to be the first of the modern comic book movies, Batman 89 brought us into a new world of capes and cowls. While it is not the best overall representation of the Dark Knight, it is still one of the best. I have room for all versions of the live action adventures of the Bat, to varying degrees, but this and Adam West’s portrayals are my favorites. It has its faults, and I think that is also part of its charm as a film.

   Anyhow, I’ll be celebrating the 38th anniversary of this movie with a viewing this weekend.

Why Batman Doesn’t Use Guns

   A great, and in depth video, by Nerdsync. Scott’s ability to break things down is concise and informative. Often he goes through historical events of the day that affected the way comics were made and presented. I’ve been a reader-collector for most of my life, since I was eight in 1978, and he will drop something that I didn’t even know.

Lean, Mean, and a Bit O’ Green

Iron_Fis   I woke up this morning feeling the need for a bit more Zen in my life. Since my life is pretty cluttered up with collectables, new positions at work, and more, I thought I would find some satisfaction in streamlining my sight a bit. No more header image, Ads, Featured Images, or Custom Background.

   While not as cathartic as ridding myself of physical minutia, this sleek design fits my mood for the moment. I hope that you enjoy the change, and by you, I really mean me, since I am pretty sure that I am the only one who reads this stuff anyhow  ?

   Last month, I also moved from a paid platform back to the free-of-charge service with WordPress.Com. I did register my domain with Google so that I could keep it a have it pointing here. It made sense, financially. Perhaps if the plans were more flexible on WordPress, or if they had more that just the four that they offer then I would have stuck around. As it is, the site wasn’t self sufficient, and I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to (poor time management on my part).

Growing Collection One Year On…


   Wordpress, my blog host, won’t allow certain plugins so hence the screenshot of the gallery link. I may be making some moves in the next few weeks. Earlier this month, I secured my domain name via Google Domains.