Wonder Woman Design

   For a while now I have been a fan of the Art Deco style, so I was playing around a bit with Photoshop, and created this stylized Wonder Woman emblem. It’s something that I would wear, myself. I popped the design up on TeePublic. Who knows, perhaps somebody else out there would like it too.


Show & Tell: 1984 Kenner Super Powers Hawkman

One of my early drawings when I was at my peak.

   When I was 14, DC Comics and Kenner teamed up to create the Super Powers line of action figures, vehicles and playsets. On my hunt to add to my Re-Collection, I found this guy on Etsy. I overpaid for the shipping and he was supposed to come with his original mini-comic. I only notice that he didn’t come with the comic this afternoon, and I sent a message to the seller about this. This guy is a unique addition to the vintage part of my new collection because I never had him when he was first released. He needs some cleaning but he looks pretty good, overall.

   DC’s Hawkman as a concept, like many other characters to me, was better than most of the actual stories.

mJD8sKtkvX_k4qV-KUpMc4g   I would love to get a 1979 Vultan from the Flash Gordon line that Mattel put out  to pair with Carter Hal.