Michaels Keaton’s Batman Returns (1992)

   Tonight we are enjoying an old favorite with a new spin. This time we are watching Batman Returns in a new light. Batman Begins as a classic Horror film. It isn’t a stretch. Apart from the child abandonment, the murder, the clowns… The CLOWNS, the sexual predatory politician, and so much more, it’s still a fun film. As an adult, yeah I was 22 when it came out, but as a 47 year old I can truly appreciate Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne. That man crushes anything he’s in.

   Cinematic atrocities aside, both of the Tim Burton Batman films are my ideal balance the comic book world of the Caped Crusader with the theatrical world.  Adam West’s campy Batman had charm, Keaton’s was the pendulum swinging toward noir, then things went want too commercially silly. Bale was decent, with Batman Begins being my favorite of that trilogy. Now with Affleck taking over, well, who knows?

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