Shadow of the Vampire

   What if the 1922 classic silent film, “Nosferatu”, featured an actual vampire? What if Murnau sought out, and employed one of the undead? Max Schreck, a man who never existed? This move from 2000, starring Willem Dafoe, along with John Malkovich and Udo Kier, does just that. I have to say that Udo Kier has always been a personal favorite. OK, Max was a real person who died in 1936, and had acted in many films. The quirky flavor of this film is typical of Malkovich, and Dafoe’s acting is off the charts.

   I tried to wait for October before I began my traditional annual viewing of “horror” movies, but Autumn is upon us and the mornings are crisp so why not begin a week early. I am not into zombie movies, other than the original “Night of the Living Dead”, or slasher type flicks. The classics are are my thing, from the silent movies to Hammer horror with a few 70’s and 80’s movies tossed in for good measure. Anything set as a period piece, such as this film and movies like the 1999 Mummy, or 1992 Dracula, are also my speed.

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