Star Trek Discovery, Embracing Change…

Digging the new tech, and designs

   This I embraced change. I released my preconceived notions of what Star Trek “IS” and “IS NOT”. So the Klingons only remotely look like Klingons, if you were around in 1979 when the Motion Picture was released this new design should be of no big surprise. We are a society who will bemoan the fact that some franchises simply repeat themselves, and seem to lack originality. We also fly into a hissyfit when those same franchises give us something brand new.

The new design is no more shocking than seeing the new Klingons in TMP.

   This new Star Trek gives us just that, a reimagined universe. I like it. I like it a lot. I will say that I don’t plan on paying for a service that only has ONE show being offered that I will watch. Sure, CBS All Access also delivers the other Star Trek series all in one place, but I have most of those in my personal library already. At this point I am using my complementary week to watch the first three episodes then cancel the subscription, and wait until the season is complete before I reactivate it for a month to watch them all. Since I am unsure if Netflix will carry the series so I may see if Google Play has them up, it’s worth purchasing if what I am getting from the first and second episodes holds up.

Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art finally becomes “reality”.

   My words to a co-worker last June, after the trailers dropped for both this season’s Sci-Fi shows, were “Man, The Orville is more Star Trek than this new Star Trek.”… Please allow me to feast upon my words. I tried the Orville, and it doesn’t know if it wants to be funny or serious. Both can be done well, see Galaxy Quest. Now, that same co-worker told me to give this new Trek a go… I am going to thank him tomorrow, at work.

Do yourself a favor, embrace the change. It’s going to happen either way, so why not enjoy yourself?

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