10 One Season Wonders

   There are some shows that had a great beginning, and then they were gone. One and done. Some may come to mind while you read this. These are shows that were good then and still hold up now. In fact some of them are shows that we watch over and over again. There are Japanese shows that were designed to be a one season, so I won’t list them here… even though I would love to see more from them. I would also like to include Battlestar Galactica, but it technically received a second season, sort of.

So what about you? What “One Season Wonders” do you like to re-watch?

My top 10 are listed here, in no particular order.

  1.  Thundercats (2011)

  2. The Flash (1990)

  3. Firefly (2002)

  4. Forever (2015)

  5. John Doe (2002)

  6. The Lone Gunmen (2001)

  7. Terra Nova (2011)

  8. Almost Human (2013)

  9. Sym-Bionic Titan (2010)

  10. Brimstone (1998)

Honorable Mentions…

  1. Logan’s Run (1977)

  2. Monster Squad (1976)

Revisiting Stargate: Atlantis


   So this evening Mrs. Multiverse and I are venturing back into the Pegasus galaxy with the international team of Stargate Atlantis. This was one of our favorite shows on the Sci-Fi channel, now SyFy. I hesitate in saying that it is our favorite Stargate of the three shows that bear that name, but it is. We didn’t watch the third series that much; I think we were a bit bitter over the decision to cancel Atlantis.


   The chemistry, and camaraderie are the two biggest draws to the series for us. Those along with the perfect amount of humor make for a fun time. The characters are well fleshed out, and very likable. Being ahead of its time, Stargate Atlantis was a show where women not only lead, they kicked some serious ass. The antagonists, the Wraith, were a frightening foe that were basically alien vampires that lived in a hive-type society.

   Well, back to watching the show!


Sci-Fi Periodic Table


   The original image came from BuyMetalOnline.com, but it is no longer available there (for some reason). I’ve always really enjoyed it, and figure that I should share it. How many can you identify?

Sci-Fi Friday Night Double Feature

   Tonight we are have a 70’s Sci-Fi movie night double feature. “Time after Time” and “Westworld”. Two great science fiction films from the decade I was born.

Time after Time (1979)
   H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) has built a time machine, and he plans on using it to travel to a Utopian paradise in the future. But before he can, Jack the Ripper (David Warner), on the run from the police, uses it to escape and travel to 1979. Wells follows, and enlists the help of a bank teller named Amy (Mary Steenburgen) to catch Jack before he continues his killing spree. As they work together, Wells falls for Amy, even as she has a hard time believing his wild story of time travel.
Westworld (1973)
   Westworld is a futuristic theme park where paying guests can pretend to be gunslingers in an artificial Wild West populated by androids. After paying a sizable entrance fee, Blane (James Brolin) and Martin (Richard Benjamin) are determined to unwind by hitting the saloons and shooting off their guns. But when the system goes haywire and Blane is killed in a duel with a robotic gunslinger (Yul Brynner), Martin’s escapist fantasy suddenly takes on a grim reality.